How amazing is it to see how God has been working on your behalf towards something for years?! I've been on FB for just over two years. (I joined right before we moved to Chicago.) While I posted through that move, an old friend from growing up (middle & high school) experienced her first husband's-job-driven move out of our hometown. We hadn't even thought about each other's existence in 13 solid years before this, but we really reconnected over this moving business. I remember sitting in CiCi's Pizza offering my advice & support. :-P We moved, again, here just over a year later; now she offered me support. Last fall, her husband got another job that moved them, again. This was a HUGE deal for her, b/c they were moving 7 hours away from our hometown, instead of the 4 that they had been. "Only" 7 hours sounded dreamy to me (used to 13 & 11 hour drives) :-D and it was really cool to follow along with her latest move. We'd both done a lot of growing in just a year & a half!

Not two weeks after they moved this last October, JB applied for a great job opening...that would have moved us to the SAME tiny deep South town to which she had just moved. :-O I was *floored* that I would actually know someone, if it panned out. The search to fill that job opening was put on hold by that company for a few months, so I just let it go. "Oh, well. Would have been nice..."

Enter the phone call last month that kicked this interview process back into gear, and now here we are: actually moving to my hometown girlfriend's current same little town! Talk about God's provision! (And how He can use FB to be such a blessing!) The hindsight is just so amazing. We don't always get a clear view, but when we *can* look back and see how God connected our dots to prep us for His future? How can you not shout praise?!