Avett-Exacerbated Ache

After the lachrymose news I've gotten from friends & fam recently, and between being home two weeks ago, transporting myself South reading The Help last week, and even discovering the Southern section of the foreign food aisle last Friday, my already-delicate emotional balance has toppled me toward a flash of homesickness.

“So far from forgetting the blessed place, I think my picture of it grows clearer every year: it was as close to magic as I've ever been...” ~Novelist Thomas Wolfe re: Carolina (He was referring to UNC, but he'd agree re: NC as a whole, as well. :-))

The Avett Brothers are becoming a fairly well-know band nationally, and get this - they're from my hometown! They went to a different high school, but I'm in b/t Scott & Seth age-wise, and their older sister, Bonnie, not only took dance at my dance school, but she was the senior assistant in my classes a few years. :-) It's cool to be one degree of separation from national fame. :-P Of course, everyone at home goes (justifiably!) nuts over them, and my mom sent me this one of their songs with the message, "This will make you cry."

It did.

I am now a bawling mess...but in a beautiful, shared experience kind of way. Their emotions over weary touring echo mine re: moving everywhere so far but home.

Click here to listen and here for the complete lyrics.

The last stanza is what truly pressed my wistful button:

"Changing the plans that I’ve been setting on
I’m scared by the way that my life is getting gone
Carolina one day I’ll, someday I’ll come home
Carolina one day I’ll, someday I’ll come home"