Devil's Art Project

I thought I was going to sit down tonight and write a short little praise post. I praise God today for it being 80°F, that Peter Schriemer (Will's local hero & wannabe BFF - he works with animals & makes nature shows like this - get it!) brought a snake (a little boa) to Sunday school for Will, that I got to wear a sundress today, that I actually got sun out at Will's warm, sunny soccer game, that Buffalo Wild Wings was delish, and that the REDSKINS WON!!!!

All I had to do was switch the laundry & get the kids to bed; then I could come post my praises. But my evening had another idea...

After 6 years of doing kids' laundry, it finally happened: crayons in the dryer! *insert horror movie shrieking* Blue, yellow, & green didn't wreak as much havoc as RED. Sigh. Thank goodness 1) JB was home & could get the kids down, 2) it was a load of darks (since I washed in cold, they didn't melt until the dryer), 3) the internet gives speedy solution ideas, and 4) JB could run pick up the one magic ingredient we didn't have on hand (borax) while I stayed with the kids and scrubbed the dryer drum.

Everyone online sang the praises of this miraculous concoction, so I'm currently giving it a whirl:
2 max caps of detergent
1 cup Oxiclean (we didn't have quite that much left, but I used it all)
1 cup borax
1 cup Shout
1 cup distilled white vinegar
I set it for hot water on the heavy duty cycle, let the washing machine run for a couple minutes to mix everything, and let the load soak for about 30 minutes. Now I'm letting the wash cycle finish...

OMG!!! And now the toilet just overflowed!!! BY ITSELF!!!!! JB posits that when the super-potent magical cleaning potion drained just now, it created some kind of gas build up in the line. (No clue, but the powder room is right beside the family room, and we jumped up, b/c we heard big glub glubbing!) But again, it could have been worse: the water spilling out was clean, and yes, JB was here! WHEW!!!

So, I stand firm in praise, refusing to let the devil's art project ruin this great day. :-P

Edited to add: IT WORKED!!! There is not a bit of crayon on ANY of those clothes!!! I can't believe it!!!


  1. Whew--so glad there was a resolution! I hate laundry nightmares (someone left GUM in their pockets that made it all the way through the dryer. It ruined the drum, and took quite a few clothes to their graveyard). I am keeping a copy of your solution on hand!

  2. Oh my gosh - I would have flipped over the gum! I'm actually surprised I didn't explode, myself, & throw a giant fit over the crayon; but I guess I just had an extra measure of grace last night. ;-)


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