Damask Dreams

I am completely captivated by damask. If I could splash it everywhere, I would!

I got this catalogue in the mail, and the cover just made me want to burst! I would *love* to ask for this damask stationary set for Christmas, but I really don't want it right now, b/c I don't want the address stamp until we're where we're going to stay for more than just a year or so. I'm not depressed about that; I'm hopeful, b/c I know it's going to happen...but it's just not right now, so no dreamy monogram & damask address stamp for me...yet. ;-)


  1. first, let me say - i read your post about all the sad news you've received and i've had a week like that too - it seems like everyonei here has had something happen to someone they love. REALLY STRANGE.

    second, LOVE the pumpkin patch pictures!

    thirdly, the pumpkin cupcakes sound really good! what type of mix do you get?

    and lastly, i love damask too! yay for hope!!!!!

  2. SUPER YAY for hope!!! :-)

    For the pumpkin muffins, I just got basic Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Spice Cake Mix. We polished them off today; luckily I bought the stuff to make TWO batches! ;-)

  3. Just found your cute blog through Huckleberry Farm blog. I love damask too. It is dreamy and damask with toile--my favorite :)

  4. Oh, toile is my OTHER ultimate fave! I made my little girl's headboard & bedskirt out of lavendar toile ♥ ♥ ♥ :-)

  5. Oh, that catalog has so many cute, cute things! Thanks for sharing!!!

    BTW, I am your newest follower!


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