Oh, Happy Day!

Last Night:

My MOPS group had dinner out. Bread, spumoni, laughs, old steering friends, & connecting more with a new one.

JB took the trash out, so I didn't have to!

We got ghosted! This is the 2nd neighborhood we've lived in that "ghosts", and I think it's really cute!


My husband made my heart sparkle with the best FB post on my wall! ♥♥♥♥♥

I was instantly productive, cleaning the stove, sink dishes, & sheets before I got sucked into anything else. WHEW!

I then made the choice to READ MY BOOK ;-) until it was time to pick up Annelise, instead of catching up on last night's Glee. (Those of you who really know me understand what a dramatic choice this was! BTW, I am watching it now while I type, and Breadsticks makes me think of our pizza place here with all-you-can-eat free soft breadsticks! Mmmmm...)

At dance/gymnastics, I relished uninterrupted girl talk with my BFF.

I had butternut squash soup for lunch & then a pumpkin spice chai latte (praise for a Starbucks giftcard!!!) = perfect autumn flavors tickled my taste buds!

I kept $3 set aside all week to go back to The Cupcake Station today and get their "Fall Into Pumpkin" cupcake that I've been dreaming about. The kids have gone to bed, and it is mine.

A box arrived on our porch containing my signature perfume. I am NOT a big scent changer - smell is a very intense memory-maker for me & I do not like switching it up. I've only ever had 3 signature scents - Curve by Liz Claiborne in college, Weekend by Burberry most of the last decade, and L L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani the past 3 years. I flipped out last month when I found out L was discontinued in April, but luckily I found it on Amazon, got the $70 bottle for $30, and had enough Amazon gift credit to get it "free". I'm excited to smell like "myself" again for a while. (I want it to be *my* choice to switch; not b/c I can't find it anymore.)

Another friend who shares my pumpkin adoration posted the easiest pumpkin chocolate chip muffin recipe I have ever seen in my life. SUPER excited to try it next week! THANK YOU!!!

Watching the Chilean miners each reach the surface is making me cry tears of joy for their families being reunited and for the proof for God's gargantuan miracles. ¡CHI, CHI, CHI, le, le, le! ¡Los mineros de Chile!


  1. i second the pumpkin chocolate chip recipe - fabulous!!! i love using pumpkin in place of the other ingredients with cake mixes. you won't be disappointed! add that blog (our best bites) to your lists - it's a great place for recipes!
    i watched the miner rescue yesterday on and off and got the boys into it as well. they lvoed the cheering part too!!! i kept crying and sawyer kept telling me it was okay. :)

  2. I am so excited for that recipe, I can hardly stand it!!!
    Sweet SawCo!!! Will & Sis said it was OK for me to "cry happy", too. :-)


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