Happy Haircut & Pumpkin Patches/Muffins/Chai

Even with all of the lugubrious news I've received, we still have happy stuff to share. :-) Friday after pizza dinner, Will *FINALLY* got a haircut! This may have been the longest his hair had gotten & the longest he'd gone w/o a haircut since he was a year and a half old! He had been BEGGING to get it cut (haircuts are a reward for him! he loves them!) for over a month, and for whatever reason, this was just the first time we actually got around to it.

Here he is Friday morning on his pumpkin patch field trip:

And post-cut Saturday afternoon getting our family pumpkins:

Yesterday after church, Grandma & Grandpa Blake took Annelise to a fun Halloween play while we went to Will's soccer game. Our team was in need of a little ego boost, and we surely got that yesterday, winning 9-0: So. Much. Fun. And Will scored the first two goals!

Will & I also made *the* famously easy pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (a half batch with 1 box mix, 1 15 oz. can, & 1 cup chips = made 36 mini muffins & 6 big ones) and Will was so proud. He mixed everything and felt like a chef. They truly are so delicious and not even "that bad" for you, with no eggs, no butter, no oil, and all that vitamin A from the pumpkin! They live up to the hype!!!

Finally, my new favorite drink in the whole wide world is a skim pumpkin spice chai latte. It's a normal skim chai latte with an extra pump of pumpkin spice that rocks it to a whole new level!!! It is AMAZING, the depth of flavor and major cinnamon/nutmeg/ginger/clove tingle it adds! Color me in love. :-)