"Help" Me

I am being FINED!!! The 2nd time in YEARS I check something out at the library for *me* and I'm already fined...and I never got to read either of the 2 books. Grrrr... I thought checking them out would motivate me to get through them, but when I've got hours of TiVo waiting on me from vacay that I don't have time for, I surely won't be dropping everything & ignoring the world to read first. (I ♥ TV. I can half-watch TV while doing other things - cooking, picking up, kid wrangling, blogging, FBing, etc. I do not ♥ the act of reading; although I feel guilty like I should, so sometimes I get on a kick of trying. It truly stresses me out, though; I like the sense of accomplishment upon finishing & the knowledge gained, but it is NOT a fun process for me.) I don't read enough to be a checker-outer; I really should stick to 2nd hand buying, so they can sit on my table for a year before I touch them...

I feel bad just giving these 2 books back today (& paying for them!) w/o having cracked page 1; I really DO want to read them, but they are 2nd & 3rd on my list after The Help, which I put in a library request for back in August & just got last week. Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay and The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen will just have to wait, b/c "everybody" is talking about & telling me to read The Help.
But now I need y'all to help me finish The Help. If I post here that I'm reallyreallyreally reading it right now, I'll be held accountable. I'm on page 108 of 451...


  1. You can do it! I actually haven't heard anything about it, so let me know how you like it when you are done. :)

    PS--thanks for the reminder! The book I checked out is due tomorrow (I haven't cracked it either, and would totally have forgotten!)

  2. I'm so glad you are really, really, really reading it. That book is fabulous. Don't fret. There is something good coming out of your uncracked books...Sarah Addison Allen has sparked my interest, so she'll be on my list of authors to read :-)

  3. Thanks, y'all! :-) I am really enjoying it, so far.

    Let me know which Sarah Addison Allen book you read - the one I had was her 3rd, but it's not a trilogy.

  4. I keep saying they need a netflix for books so you can check it out with no late fees! There are some similar sites, but most involve you exchanging your old books for other people's old books.

  5. Yeah, I swap books with friends, but I don't think I could handle book-netflix; I'm already crazy stressed over the number of movies in our queue that I can't seem to devote an hour & a half to - I can't imagine freaking out over the number of books I'd want to read but never get to! :-P


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