Dancing Girl & Damask Pumpkin

Wednesday was Annelise's last dance/gymnastics day of this session. That means nothing really, b/c everyone in her class is in for the whole year, (not just "trying it out" for 8 weeks); but we parents did get to come in for the last ten minutes to watch what they've learned. Oh my heart...
As a dance teacher myself, I feel like I'm generally hypercritical of Annelise's classes, but this teacher is WONDERFUL!!! She has such solid technique and truly makes it fun & engaging. They've really picked up a lot quickly! (Teaching dance sidebar: I'm on the sub list at this studio. They'd use me, if I could teach evenings, but we can't rely on JB to make it home two nights a week every week; but that's OK. I'm content in that respect. :-)) 

Sis & her BFF have gymnastics for 45 minutes after dance, and Annelise ate it up that she got a ribbon ceremony on the podium at the end!

After class(es), my BFF & I go out to lunch with the girls - my favorite part of the day during the week! - and you'll never guess what I found for sale, esp. in light of my last post:
Best. D├ęcor. Ever.