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Will took his first standardized tests this week. Some parents might feel weird about this as early as 1st grade (I remember taking the CAT test already in 1st grade, though) ...but *I* loooooove tests! And apparently, Will does, too! :-D We didn't even know they were going to be this week, (all the info was sent home last week while we were on vacay,) but Will came home Tuesday so excited: "Mom! I got to take a test on the computer! It was math, and *I* was AWESOME! It was so much fun! This is the thing at school I am the best at!!!" :-) I'm not sure when or if they'll send home any results, (yep - I'm a grade monger, too :-P) or if they just use the info to tailor individual teaching; but I'm really just excited that Will not only had zero test anxiety, but that he actually thought it was fun. :-)

I get to chaperone Will's class field trip next Friday to Three Cedars Farm, (HA!!! - there is no one up here who talks like that video guy in the link! Should us Southerners be offended...or flattered? ;-)) where we'll get to take a hayride out to the pumpkin patch, pick a small pumpkin, and have the requisite MI apple cider & doughnuts. (I wasn't kidding about the pervasiveness of cider & doughnuts around anything autumnal up here!)

Today was Will's turn to bring home his class' scrapbook. (Remember Will's "All About Me" scrapbook layout?) Everyone in his class did one, (Will's is particularly awesome! ;-)) and it is so interesting to "get to know" the people he spends the majority of his days with now, to get a glimpse of their families & their lives.

The saddest: we parents have received two letters home this week from the principal. A 3rd grade girl (they live in our neighborhood!) died this week from an inoperable brain tumor; her little brother is in 2nd grade. As if that weren't awful enough, the mother of another 3rd grader passed away yesterday from Lupus complications. I'm thankful that my kids have a very honest grasp on death & Heaven for their ages, and Will doesn't have any personal connections with either of these families, so we haven't made a big deal about these cases; but as a parent, how can receiving these notices not break your heart to bits and even make you think, "What if...?" Please pray for comfort for these families and for everyone touched by this grief.


  1. I totally understand the test thing! Abby loves her weekly spelling tests and the review tests her teacher gives after finishing a unit. Our school doesn't grade on letters or the 100 point scale. They use 1, 2, 3, 3*, and 4. 4 is like an A++ and extremely hard for younger kids to achieve. 3* is like an A or A+. 3 is A- or B...you get the idea. Being a grade monger myself, I didn't want to project on Abby. We didn't even tell her what the numbers meant...but at her first report card, she was mad she only got 3* and 4's. It must be genetic!

  2. Ha! I soooo get that!!! I'm anxious to see how they will do Will's report card...


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