Beauty Product Quest

I got my first birthday present (for myself ;-)) this week. Every year around your bday, Sephora gives you a present (last years' here) and this year's is a nice sized bottle of Philosophy's "Happy Birthday, Beautiful"
I was worried I wouldn't get to pick up mine this year, since there is no big Sephora anywhere comfortably near us, (we don't even have Bed Bath & Beyond, people :-P) but guess what just opened in our tiny mall's JCPenny? Excited! I don't wear makeup regularly (apart from my omnipresent metallic brown eyeliner) but I love playing in it! :-) [Tried this on in "3D" = gorgeous!]

And SO DOES ANNELISE! She is completely obsessed. She loooves the idea of makeup; her NC highlight was going to Ulta whenever we went to grocery store. :-D (They're beside each other there. ;-)) She was actually pretty pouty as we left Sephora, b/c everything she wanted was $22-$38, and she had only saved $6. Sorry, sweetie. I told her I have to save for things I want, too; I wasn't buying that lipgloss. Plus, sometimes when you wait, you find something way better!

"Way better" ended up being just a few stores down: enter Bath & Body Works' little hand sanitizers. Annelise loooves hand sanitizers - not in a germophobe way, (please - we are the anti-germophobe household!) more like in a lotion way that's reinforced at school as "a good thing." B&BW has these cute little travel sizes in fabulous girly scents, (a few even have glitter, too!) She acted like she was making the purchase of the century and completely wrapped all 3 salesgirls around her little finger. They were falling all over themselves to show her this scent & that scent, and of course I kept blushing every time they said, "She is soooooo adorable!!!!"
I'm nowhere near the mall rat I used to be; I actually put off going these days :-P but this trip was FUN!!!


  1. She is so darling, my son Drew actually loves hand sanitizer but I think in a germaphobic way. They get it honostly from my husband and me (:


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