Animal Thanksgiving

On Saturday we went to "Animal Thanksgiving" at the zoo that's right close to us here. It was such a fun event and a gorgeous afternoon! The kids got to help make treats for a number of the zoo animals, and then we all walked from exhibit to exhibit to watch the zookeepers deliver them.

Making treat-filled pumpkins for the pigs & alpacas:

Making peanut butter, honey, raisin, walnut, & grape-covered log treats for the black bears:

The kids also each got to make & take their own peanut butter birdseed bird feeders:

The animals really *did* eat the treats the kids made:

The rhino ate decorated cantaloupes:

The meerkats ate worm-filled treat tubes (ick! :-P)

Will scaling the wall of the meerkat playground maze:

Annelise & the sentry meerkat:

The cheetahs enjoyed meat-filled piƱatas that the kids decorated:

Feeding black bears the honey/peanut butter/grape/nut log treats the kids made:

It was such a simple but unique family experience in a great setting. :-)

Thankfuls: Will wrote on his Gratitude Tree leaves that he was thankful for "setting up the Christmas tree" [we put it up today & will decorate it in the next day or two; DON'T give me any of that "it's too early" guff!!!], Annelise was thankful for "making mashed potatoes" [with Daddy at lunch today :-D], and they both wrote that they are thankful for "LaLa" [so excited to see her this next weekend!]