Human Body Project, Pool, & Thankfuls

Annelise has spent two months learning all about the human body in Kindergarten at Montessori, and she finally got to bring her finished body project home today:

I am so thankful for her wonderful school - the best Montessori we've ever been involved with! (I hate that Will missed attending this one!) - and that Annelise loves school so much.

[Just her being beautiful this morning]

I'm also thankful today that we live in a place where we've been able to turn off the a/c & *not* turn on the heat, yet, for over a month now! (I'm close; the freezing mornings are NOT pleasant, but I can't let myself click on the heat, yet, when it gets back up over 70° in the afternoon. Today it went from 39° to almost 80° - I looove the afternoons, but I hate morning layering. :-P) I'm thankful for my comforter, for easy chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, for feeling suprisingly rested, and for seemingly being at the end of my 10-day coughing/laryngitis junk.

The kids both woke up dying to post their Gratitude Tree leaves; it was all I could do to hold them off until after school. (I may buy more cardstock & cut more leaves, so they can do more than one a day. I just hope the novelty doesn't wear off too quickly...) Today Annelise is thankful for "my babies I love" (her dolls) and Will is thankful for "playing in the pool, and having Mom & Dad." [WOOHOO! We made it up there prompt-free before Day 30! :-D]

And re: the pool - so funny he mentions that today. We (and by we, I mean the 3 of them - I don't want to be in a pool under 85°...and if heat were free, I'd have ours heated to at least 90° year-round) finally stopped swimming when the nights started dipping into the 50's about a month ago. Apparently the pool cooled down fast (again, I wouldn't know ;-)) and then our homeowner's pool guy, Hank, went on vacay the last two weeks (makes sense to vacay after the first chill but before people want them nice & heated for the holidays) so our pool has been abandoned & disgusting - filled with acorns on the bottom, even though I have skimmed the leaves off the top. Having a dirty pool is sad & stresses me out; I still want it kept nice, even though we're not using it, and as renters, it's not our responsibility. I'm glad Will's thankful for playing in the pool this summer, and as a matter of fact, I certainly am, too...but I'll be even more thankful for the current pool status when Hank gets back over here tomorrow!


  1. Susie! After all of these years, I just realized when I watched this PRECIOUS video of Annelise, that this is the first time I have EVER heard your voice! Crazy! And you do not sound like what I expected. I don't know what I was expecting, but I am glad to finally hear your voice. :)

  2. HA! I actually don't think I sound like myself, either...but maybe that's exactly what I sound like? :-P Hearing your own voice is always so weird. :-D (Yay for new iPhone video! ;-))


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