Sick[?] Day & Thankfuls

I am thankful for ALL GREEN LIGHTS (10 of them!) to shoot straight downtown today. The joy of simple favor! :-) I'm not happy that Will had a fever last evening, but am VERY thankful it was all gone this morning!!! Not ecstatic about keeping him home from school "to be sure"...but I sure did enjoy him as my sweet lunch date & am thankful for my fave beef vegetable soup at Cafe 230! (Why have I not been there in 3 months?! Travesty!)

He was definitely better enough to play his last football game tonight! :-P He SHOULD'VE gone to school today, but they say wait 24 hours after a fever, so... He was fine when we woke up, but he told Daddy his tummy hurt. (Sucker. ;-)) I made him do his homework for today and then he could either sit on the couch too sick to watch fun TV shows or play video games, OR if he felt like it, he could help me clean the house all day. Aren't sick days *SO FUN*, Buddy? :-D For the record, he chose helping me clean! ;-)

Also for the record, although I lovelovelove the look, cleaning/dusting baseboards, wainscoting, and chair rails is not fun. [But if you think it is - there could be someone out there who truly loves it like I sincerely love grocery shopping! - come on over in a few weeks! This house is covered! :-D]

Yesterday the kids wrote on their Gratitude Tree leaves that Will was thankful for "seeing and eating dinner with Daddy" and Annelise wrote that she was thankful for "good sleep". :-) Today Will said he was thankful for "God and ♥ Mom ♥ and getting better" [his hearts :-)] while Annelise wrote, "Jesus loves me." Yes, He does. ♥