The Jesus Box & Advent Prep

Annelise set up our nativity this morning:
"I'm setting up the Jesus Box!"
"What's the Jesus Box, Honey?" JB asked.
"You know, the box that shows where Jesus got married."
"Married? What do you mean?"
"I mean born." ♥

This afternoon, she called me back over to see how she had rearranged: "Come look at the Creativity!" [No, not her design prowess. Creativity = Nativity :-P]

The rest of this day overflowed with productivity: I digiscrapped the last month & a half, which ended up being 8 PAGES. So glad to have that done before the Christmas season pics start piling up. :-) JB helped me stuff & seal ALLL of our Christmas cards. They are 100% ready to go - hitting the post office tomorrow morning. I wanted to get them out super early this year, so people could get our new address. Top off this fab day with a win - FINALLY! - for my Redskins!!! My football BFF, Julie, FBed when they won: "I just said something like, 'Susie had been so quiet re: 'Skins drought...oh wait, she's in GA. She is happy!'" :-D Indeed.

Advent Prep:
My mom just gifted us with the most wonderful book:
Christmas Stories for Bedtime Gift Edition By: Renae Brumbaugh
For spiritual “quality time” with your 5- to 8-year-old kids... Going a step beyond Bible stories, this colorful book challenges kids to stop and think about the meaning of each aspect of the original Christmas story. ...This book features 31 stories drawn from the width and breadth of scripture—from Old Testament promises of the Messiah, to the actual Nativity story and all the details that surrounded it.

We are going to read one of the 31 stories each day for the next month. Each one starts with a verse, followed by a story explaining it in details easy for them to understand, then a simple prayer that reinforces the verse & story, and finally the lyrics to a correlating Christmas carol. I'm excited to google the ones I don't know & hopefully find their music online. :-)

For the grown-ups: the free, online Following the Star Advent devotional started today. I've been reading it for three years and am so excited that it's time for this, again. :-)


  1. I will be ordering this book in about two minutes!! LOVE IT!!! Annelise is such a dream!!!

  2. You have been mighty busy!! That looks like a wonderful book to use with children during this season.


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