Uncle Remus Museum

The route I like best b/t Charlotte and southwest Georgia winds through tiny Eatonton, GA. I almost slammed on the brakes & whipped the van around the first time I saw The Uncle Remus Museum as we passed through, [who?] but I *knew* I wanted to stop when I had both the kids AND my mom:
Ms. Georgia - the docent - talked our ears off, but she was a genuine joy. :-) I grew up on Uncle Remus' stories as told to me at bedtime by my Grandmommy - The Tar Baby was my FAVORITE! - so this was such a special stop. I am going to make sure the kids get familiar with these precious folk tales, too. :-)


  1. I had NO idea of this either (and we used to not live too far from there!!!! Grrr, how could I have missed it???)

    BTW, thank you for your support and sweet words. You just cannot believe how encouraging they are. Since my change in direction on my blog my readership has dwindled but that is OK, because I am responding to a calling on my heart for more realness, more depth (though, I still plan on sharing all kinds of silly.) I tried to send you an email but couldn't locate one for you and realized when we had corresponded it was through the now defuct Southern Mamas site!!!!!!! I would love to have a way to thank you through email, mine is bellamichellesc@gmail.com

    Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friend. I am thankful for you!

  2. It's awesome that these stories are available. I wish the Song of the South movie was available.

  3. Michelle! I will email you! I am so thankful for your friendship, too!!!

    Amy - I am CRUSHED that it's not officially on DVD. I saw it in the theatre in it's last rerelease in 1986. :'(


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