Pilgrim Princess, Madonna & Child, & Thankfuls

Annelise came home from school today dressed as a pilgrim = precious!

I bought my Christmas stamps today, so I can be ready to stuff when my prints arrive from Shutterfly. Every year I stamp our Christmas cards with the Madonna & Child stamp. I'm kind of obsessed. I'm sorry, but pinecones & evergreen or "Colorful Holiday Baubles" over a picture of Baby Jesus when we're celebrating His birth? It just one of my "things". I'm excited that there's a new classical art design this year:
"Detail from a work by the Italian master Raphael, entitled Madonna of the Candelabra. This tondo (circular painting), oil on panel, dates to around 1513... The Virgin and Child project the grace and serenity typical of Raphael’s work." YAY!

Thankfuls: Will wrote on his Gratitude Tree leaves that he was thankful for "getting called" [he won the good behavior lottery today! good behavior gets you a ticket, and if your name gets drawn at the end of the day, you get a tiny prize :-)], "Mommy taking me out of school early tomorrow", and "going to Junie B. Jones!" [His class took a field trip yesterday to see the high school's production of one of the books he's reading.] Annelise wrote "reading" [genuinely happy about it, not just sucking up after yesterday's fiasco :-P], "cooking", and "I love school!"


  1. I obsess about stamps too, but for a different reason. For years I've exclusively bought the breast cancer forever stamps for everything, including Christmas cards and our wedding stuff, because that is what my mom and her mom died from. I like supporting the Post Office's fundraising for that charity, and it's a reminder to me and others to show our support.


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