Past & Present

I've been blessed to have people sharing old pictures with me this weekend:

My cousin Amy sent me this 30+ year old pic of me & my Daddy that I don't remember ever seeing before!
I cannot get over much he & Annelise look alike!!! The exact same smile, eyes, & even eye brows... It kind of knocked me back, in a great way. He's been gone 14½ years now, and I think it's the biggest blessing ever to see him still so present in our fam through her. ♥

My childhood friend Niki found, scanned, & shared me at my senior prom over 15 years ago, May 1996:
There's also another shot somewhere out there that's exactly the same but with my date, Craig. He wore his Marine dress blues, and even though by that point our interest had fizzled & we just went as good friends, we definitely were the sharpest looking couple there, thanks to that uniform! :-D The funny thing is, until the last year or so, I still thought of myself as looking like this. I just recently found myself thinking, "Wow, I looked so young there!" :-P I like the way I look now, but I just finally think I look more mature than late teens/20's. :-)

Which brings me to the present:
I am so thankful it worked out for me to get to see my BFF Wendy today before taking Grandmommy & Aunt Frances back home after lunch!!!


  1. When I saw that picture of you and your dad, I saw so much of Annelise in him, only to read the next line you wrote, saying the exact same thing. I am not usually very good at figuring out which parent children look like, but that one was screaming right at me. Isn't it so special that God can give us sweet reminders of loved ones lost through the faces of our precious children?

  2. I am TERRIBLE at seeing family resemblances, too!!! But this one is STUNNING! :-D Big praise! :-)


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