Will's football team finally WON their first football game (the 2nd to last of the season ;-)) this morning, and it was HUGE: 38-0!!! They were like a different team - everything just clicked this morning: they were gang tackling as a group instead of just standing around after getting their own guy, they got low to tackle, they threw & CAUGHT passes - it was THRILLING. They scored on every possession and held the Bulldogs to two 1st downs all game. [Where was this teamwork the last month & a half? Oh well, I'll take it now! :-D] Will recovered one fumble, made four outright tackles for losses, and on the 2nd play of their first possession, he set the tone for the whole game by pancaking the largest player on the other team (literally double Will's weight & over a full helmet taller!) that allowed his team to score on a 60-yard run. Every parent on the sidelines let out a stunned, "Whoa..." when Will took that kid down...and it.was.awesome.

A few clips... (Can you tell I'm loving the video on my new iPhone 4???)


Block & Tackle:

2-Point Conversion:

We still have to play the mean, dirty team (from the next county over, whose coaches teach their boys to throw punches!!! I almost had to be held back when we played them last) on Tuesday night for our very last game. :-/ Wish we could go out on this win, instead; but maybe we've clicked enough to pull off a miracle Tuesday??? :-D :-P

Look - even Will's fortune cookie at lunch told of this morning's great football victory...

Obviously, we're totally thankful for Will's great game and teamwork today. I'm also thankful for a gorgeous Saturday where JB grilled steaks, chicken, and Italian sausage for us and that afterwards, we all went back outside in the late afternoon sunshine, streaming through the Spanish moss & colorful leaves, and made s'mores over the coals. Fall perfection!

The kids wrote on their Gratitude Tree leaves today that Will is thankful for "winning the game" and Annelise wrote, "I love Daddy." :-)


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