Welcome, Jack Wagons!

The kids & I drove home to NC Friday for early Thanksgiving with my Grandmommy. [We'll go back Tuesday to be home for real Thanksgiving with JB; he had to work.] Grandmommy is 99 (100 in April) and she has been freaking out, b/c she hadn't seen us since June. It's hard for her, b/c we're her only family that isn't local; she can't travel, and she really gets worried when she can't see us. It's also hard for us, though, to travel more than a weekend day trip now, b/c the only drawback to JB's new job this year is that he has way less vacay days, and with our kids in school in different counties, they have NONE of the same days off except for Christmas & Thanksgiving. Even their spring breaks are 2 different weeks. *sigh* But since both kids have this whooole week off for the first time since school started for Sis August 1st, we knew we had to get here NOW!

I love my family. This is what we arrived to Friday evening:
[This spring when my parents visited us in GA, the guys drove over to Krispy Kreme and encountered a slow driver. Will yelled, "Move it, jack wagon!!!" (a la R. Lee Ermey's Geico commercial) and the rest is history. :-P Grandaddo thought that was the most hysterical thing he'd ever heard, esp. out of impeccably-mannered Will, and now all of their phone calls start, "Hey, jack wagon!" :-D]

My brother, Andy, his wife, Liz, & their 2 yr old son, Matthew, were also waiting for us to have family dinner with my mom's AMAZING lasagna. :-) Will & Sis had a BALL reading to Matthew:

We went to see Grandmommy first thing Saturday morning and also drove her over to her sister's (Aunt Frances') house. I love those ladies! I can't tell you anything remarkable we did with them, and it wasn't even for that long, (Grandmommy gets tired,) but just the little bit of face time is priceless.

My mom had a Groupon for Jake's Good Eats, which just happened to be on our way home from Grandommy's, so we stopped for a stellar lunch. I love where we live in south GA - I get the climate & culture I treasure - but boy, do I appreciate a wide selection of nice restaurants more now than ever!!! Jake's was featured last year on Guy Fieri's Food Network show, and it did not disappoint. The best homemade chips I've ever had in my life, (& I'm not a big potato chip person.) After Jake's, we hit my beloved Costco to stock up on everything there we adore. We found a new treat: Island Way Sorbets in Natural Fruit Shells - holy coconut heaven...

More epicurean NC highlights: crispy scallops at The Great Wall [my family's very first & ultimate fave Chinese restaurant] and nutella crêpes & the BEST chai latte I've EVER had IN MY LIFE at Café Monte French Bakery and Bistro. My world has been rocked. :-P (And I am sooo glad I pushed myself crazy hard at Zumba Friday morning before driving up to compensate for all the extra Carolina calories! ;-)) Early Thanksgiving feast with Grandmommy, Aunt Frances, & as much of our fam as can come tomorrow!