Final Football, Gelish, Explorer Chain, & Thankfuls

So thankful for another GORGEOUS south Georgia day over 80°F! This is an absolute dream come true for me.

Final football pics: these shots from Will's last game last week are blurry, but I think that adds to their action! (Click to see bigger.)

Gelish: I never posted about my Stand Out red experience!
It was a little harder than any other Gelish mani I've done, b/c I wanted to get the color dark. It took longer than normal for the color to cure under the LED light (almost twice as long) but I had read that this happens, so I was prepared. I wasn't sure how long the mani would last - I was scared that it would be more "fragile" since it took longer to cure - but the shiny, chip-free vibrant red lasted two days shy of three weeks! :-) And I got tons of compliments! I went back to my second French mani Saturday night, b/c it's JB's favorite. ♥

Explorer Chain: Annelise has been working on an "explorer chain" in Montessori Kindergarten. She got to bring it home & explain it today. :-)

Thankfuls: Will wrote on his Gratitude Tree leaves that he was thankful for "going to school" (YAY!) and "seeing Daddy and watching shows [with him]" while Annelise wrote she was thankful for: "love myself" (I praise God that she feels worthy, loved, smart, etc., and loves herself! She is absolutely NOT conceited in the slightest; she just has the best self-image! ♥), "snuggle the family", and "my favorite move from Zumba!" (Ha! :-))

I love this post by Laura re: "by whose standard do you judge the value of your life?"

I like these. I like the fonts, colors, arrangement, and - of course - the messages:


  1. What a lovely manicure! We have something similar to our Gratitude Tree here and I'm enjoying seeing what leaves our girls add to it!


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